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I ordered the Tarte Achiote Cheek Tint and Lip Luster Duo from QVC. I LOVE the cheek tint in this set! The color is such a universally flattering shade. I think this shade would look good on just about anyone!

I also have to give Tarte bonus points for the super cute packaging on this! The texture is that of a creamy gel. This formula is easy to blend and is easy to build the color up. On the skin, it has a slight waxy feel, but this gives you a nice glow that powder blushes can’t. This cheek tint usually lasts me 3 hours but if I layer blush on top I can double that. Since this product is so easy to use, touch-ups are no problem. I have been using my fingers to apply this and have had no issues. I also have to give kudos on the scent; its a faint, fruity scent.

My final verdict, this cheek tint has become a staple in my beauty arsenal. This color is so natural looking and it goes with any look I’m going with. I really can’t say enough good things about this cheek tint and I think I might weep a tear of sadness when mine finally runs out.

Price: $35 (www.qvc.com)

Tarte Achiote Cheek Tint

cheek tint

Swatch of Tarte Achiote Cheek Tint


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