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This polish is a bright purple creme with a slight shimmer. When it dries, it is supposed to have a grape scent.

This polish was fairly thin and  3  coats are needed to reach opacity (I only did 2 coats for the photo). When it dries, it is supposed to have a scent and I found the scent to be rather generic. It smelled similar to other cheap scented nail polishes I  used when I was a teenager. It didn’t even smell like grape which was a disappointment. However, the color of this polish is amazing!

One drawback to this polish is that it seems to like to chip and wear off the tips, even with a top coat (I used Seche Vite Fast-Drying Top Coat).

Overall, I love the color of this polish but the longevity and scent didn’t meet my expectations for the price.

Price: $6.50 (Walgreens)

Revlon Grape Icy Swatch

Revlon Grape Icy (Left)


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This nail color is a very delicate, light pink. The consistency was a bit thin and I had a little trouble applying the color and making it look even; but I quickly adapted to the light touch I needed to use with this polish.

Overall, this color is a beautiful nude pink for everyday wear. I actually wore this to an interview yesterday and I love how subtle it is.

Price: $8 (www.walgreens.com)

Essie Nail Color in Ballet Slippers

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